Chrysler Premier Event Case Study

Chrysler Premier Event


Chrysler wanted to drive new and existing customers to their dealerships throughout the country. They asked Mudd Advertising (SHIFT is a part of Mudd) to create an advertising event that would generate a significant amount of leads and sales.



To maximize dealer participation and consumer engagement while achieving consistency in creative execution across all 8 regions in the U.S.



To increase sales and web traffic to all Chrysler dealerships in the U.S., Mudd provided dealers with the following options to drive customers to their dealerships:


  1. Direct mail
  2. POP materials
  3. Email marketing
  4. Web banners


All these tactics drove consumers near each dealership to a microsite that was hosted by Mudd but personalized for every dealer with a customized video, contact information and inventory link. At each dealer’s personalized microsite, potential customers would “spin” the online wheel and receive a code to take into the dealership to spin again for a chance to win a new Chrysler vehicle.



  • Dealership Participation:1,965 Chrysler dealerships participated in promotion (89% of total eligible dealer population)
  • Sales: 31% increase in national sales for the Chrysler brand
  • Site Visits: 420,486 total visits made to the site
  • Leads:
    • Site Conversion: 75.9% of the microsite viewers converted into a lead by filling out the form and spinning for a number
    • Average lead per dealership: 161
  • Dealership Visits: 19% of site visitors went to dealership to spin a second time


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