Full Agency Services Case Study

Royal Tire Full Agency Services


  • A midsize tire retailer with multiple locations had a disorganized marketing plan that lacked cohesion and digital marketing. Their marketing plan consisted of print and local radio marketing, mostly at the store level.



  • Introduce a digital marketing plan for the tire retailer.
  • Create a cohesive marketing plan that has a consistent message and look.



  • SHIFT analyzed customer, point of sale and zip code data to determine the most effective way to use the tire retailers marketing budget.
  • SHIFT reviewed the tire retailers past advertisements to adjust or eliminate certain advertising drivers.
  • SHIFT put together an advertising schedule on Pandora digital radio for all locations.
  • SHIFT compiled digital marketing opportunities such as impressions and search volume from Google and created a multifaceted digital campaign that included SEM, Display, Video Pre-roll using robust ad groups, interest categories, etc.



  • Winning search results – 80% of customers searching the tire retailer’s key words were served an ad which was the best among its competitors.
  • High search visibility – The average position of search ads was 1.6 meaning the advertisement was usually the first or second option.



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