Large Retailer Group Custom Promotion Case Study

Large Retailer Group Custom Promotion


Due to inefficient communication between third party stakeholders, the approval process for advertisements and legal copy in retailer customized promotions was being significantly delayed. This resulted in a major tire retailer being left with little time to prepare for promotions and meet deadlines for buying and placing media and advertisements.



  • To take a leadership role in the approval process and actively problem-solve and streamline communication between all third-party stakeholders who are involved with content creation and approvals.
  • To reduce the amount of legal disclaimers in each advertisement.



  • SHIFT led the approval process and collaborated with all the key stakeholders. They set up weekly meetings to keep things on schedule, voice concerns, and suggest solutions in a way that worked for all parties.
  • SHIFT created a task schedule that all the third-party stakeholders agreed upon to keep things moving smoothly.
  • Using previous promotions as a starting point, SHIFT came up with suggested legal copy that was acceptable to all parties involved.



  • Shortened Time to Market – With SHIFT taking control of the approval process, the tire retailer received approved content 390% faster than before SHIFT became involved.
  • Increased Sales – Total consumer claims increased by 77% after SHIFT became involved in the approval process.
  • Shortened Legal Copy – The disclaimer text copy shrank by an average of 75% among all the advertisements in the new promotion.


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