SHIFT is a channel marketing agency that connects manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers by optimizing communication, aligning incentives and driving sales at the local level

With our unique & multifaceted approach, we excel in optimizing brand investments while seamlessly achieving retailer sales targets.

Channel Marketing Experts

For over 50 years SHIFT has guided companies efficiently and effectively with channel marketing solutions, enabling their partners to connect consumers to the company’s brand.

We developed a unique platform that integrates marketing support, funds & incentive management—all designed to facilitate and enhance communications between manufacturers and their channels. This dynamic tool, coupled with our robust support team, enables regional and local businesses to leverage brand-approved marketing collateral, programs, and initiatives.

Think of SHIFT as your “Marketing Engineers,” efficiently building communication bridges across the channel ecosystem that drive sales.  By integrating our expertise in communication and technology solutions, we function as an extension of your team, supporting a wide range of marketing goals that help you strengthen your brand and drive sales growth.

channel marketing communication that drives local sales

Propel Your Channel Marketing Ecosystem Forward

Solutions For Your Business

SHIFT solutions integrate technology, processes, and people to deliver cross-functional support that helps achieve your marketing goals. We leverage data to bridge your operational gaps and connect internal groups, business units, retailers, or outside vendors. Starting with your brand goals, we collaborate to ensure consistent and efficient marketing.

Agency & Marketing Services

Our services ensure the integrity of your brand as you leverage your distribution network. Through-Channel Marketing (TCM) enables channel partners to access a manufacturer’s well-organized, brand-compliant content, programs, and materials that engage customers and sell more of the manufacturer’s product. SHIFT offers strategy, collateral & campaigns, and creative services that keep your messaging and materials compliant and effective.

Channel Management & Support

Improve channel partner performance, behavior, and loyalty with SHIFT’s Channel Incentives Management (CIM), which manages and supports your team. We offer Rebate Programs, Co-op Programs, Sales Incentive Programs, Business Development, and Funds Management through our platform for channel partners to use for their various marketing needs.

Who We Are

SHIFT equips brands with solutions across the channel marketing ecosystem. By connecting brands through integrated solutions, we improve communications between the enterprise and their channel partners. Our understanding of channel marketing enables us to seamlessly manage and integrate the flow of communications—aligning them from the enterprise level down to distributors, retailers/dealers and ultimately to consumers. That’s how we ensure brand integrity across every asset, program, and campaign to ultimately help sell more products.

Industries We Serve





Working With SHIFT


We work with your team to uncover the needs and pain points within your current processes and platforms, and develop a strategic approach for your solution. We evaluate which tools, workflows and services will help your business thrive across your channels.

Strategy & Planning

Our team formulates a detailed engagement plan, including a phased timeline, along with key requirements and milestones. We actively engage with you & your team to ask and answer outstanding questions as well as address any concerns.


As we develop your platform/solution, we connect with your important stakeholders to source and develop content, processes, and workflow. We recommend beta testing to finalize consistent, effective messaging and processes.

Tracking & Improvement

Through our people, processes, and platforms, we identify, collect, manage, analyze and report on critical data—enabling you to focus on decision-making and growing your business. We use this data and our expertise to continually improve our offering and support.