Dynamic Publishing

Efficiently and cost-effectively creating & maintaining brand-consistent product and marketing collateral 

Dynamic Publishing Solutions

Our Dynamic Publishing Engine creates consistent product marketing materials, saving companies with large product portfolios significant time and cost. This data-driven tool’s flexibility in editing and changing layouts & images guarantees each collateral piece is consistent with the brand and that updates can be made quickly and cost-effectively. 

How Dynamic Publishing Works

core components


SHIFT takes structured data (product information, specifications or other) from a database, Excel document or online form-fill and readies it for the dynamic publishing process.

Digital Assets

SHIFT (or the customer) creates brand-compliant digital assets, such as product images and logos in file formats such as including EPS, GIF, JPG, TIF, and PDF.


SHIFT creates templates that drive the appearance, layout, and formatting of the Data and Digital Assets in the outputs.


Business, brand, and design rules are applied to the templates to control appearance, copyfitting, legal disclaimers, copyright date automation, if/then case handling, layout decisions and more. 


Collateral such as sell sheets, product brochures and presentations can be generated in a variety of file types such as print-ready high-resolution PDFs, web-optimized low-resolution PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and digital images.

Significant Savings

Businesses with large product portfolios that need up-to-date and accurate collateral can see significant savings with the Dynamic Publishing Engine because updates to the Data and/or Digital Assets (such as new product information, images, logos, colors, or languages) flow automatically through the system to create new outputs. One of our clients saved over 2000% with Dynamic Publishing!

dynamic publishing updates are cost-effective

Key Features

  • Generates a variety of data-driven materials such as:
    • Sell Sheets
    • Product Brochures & Spec Sheets
    • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Templates can be modified easily for different business units 
  • SHIFT ensures that content and outputs are approved by brand, legal and Co-Op teams
  • Updates are fast, accurate and significantly cheaper than conventional desktop work
  • End-user (self-service) version available for customizable marketing materials:
key features of dynamic publishing

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By working with SHIFT, your local teams can have consistent messaging and brand-compliant materials, and capitalize on efficient solutions. Contact our team to discuss our Dynamic Publishing Engine and how it can work for your local marketing partners.