Dynamic Publishing

Creating brand-consistent outputs to send to multiple channels

Dynamic Publishing

Our dynamic publishing engine creates consistent product marketing materials, saving you significant time and cost. This tool’s flexibility in editing and changing layouts & images guarantees each collateral piece is consistent with the brand. This unique application consists of three core components:

dynamic publishing engine

Core Components


Adapt & templatize product information to facilitate delivery of automated, rules-based outputs.


Funnel multiple sources of product content and data into a single repository.


Generate thousands of data-driven versions of print & digital assets including: product brochures, presentations, retail collateral and more instantaneously.

Have an update? Just change the data and/or content in the dynamic publishing engine and changes are automatically reflected through all applicable outputs!

Key Features

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Variations for Different Business Units within One Organization
  • Brand, Legal and Co-Op Approved Content
  • Data-Driven Material Output Generation
    • Sell Sheets
    • Product Brochures
    • PowerPoint Presentations
    • And more…
  • Customer-Facing Material Generation (Self-Service)

Connect With Us

By working with SHIFT, your local teams can have consistent messaging and brand-compliant materials, and capitalize on efficient solutions. Contact our team to discuss our Dynamic Publishing tool and how it can work for your local marketing partners