What We Do

Channel Marketing to Drive Local Sales

At SHIFT, we optimize marketing communications and align incentives across the channel ecosystem to meet the business goals of enterprises and their sales and distribution partners. 

With our channel platforms, incentive & local activation programs and dynamic publishing solutions, we excel in optimizing enterprise brand investments while seamlessly achieving retailer sales targets.

Our solutions align all channels in the ecosystem, minimizing inefficiencies and maximizing sales at the local level. This is known as the SHIFTChannelAdvantage. It provides companies with control and insight into their sales and marketing channels, strengthening partner relationships and driving incremental sales.

Channel Marketing Ecosystem

Enterprise Solutions

Protect and amplify your brand across channels with SHIFT’s marketing, communication, and operational services. Our suite of enterprise solutions can help you bridge silos in your organization and streamline communications throughout your channel partners.

Channel Partner Solutions

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer, SHIFT can provide your partners with all the marketing power they need. From creative services and marketing portals to live support for partner staff, we offer a wide array of offerings to support your partners and ensure and enhance brand integrity.

Marketing Automation Platform

Simplify Your Marketing Ecosystem With Our Marketing Automation Platform

Our understanding of channel marketing enables us to seamlessly manage and integrate the flow of marketing communications—aligning them from the enterprise level down to partners and distributors. We enable channel partners, dealer or franchise networks, and employees to access a manufacturer’s well-organized, brand-compliant content, programs, and materials.

Using technology, processes, and people, we bridge gaps in the marketing ecosystem to engage the channel partner’s customers and sell more products. By supporting the management of incentives, clients notice improvements in their channel partners’ performance, behavior, and loyalty.

Our platform solution includes multiple tools & features that support the entire lifecycle of channel partners, including: targeting, onboarding, engagement, communication, development, co-selling, and co-marketing. We also support channel partners in their development by offering education, training, and sales enablement resources through our expert team and marketing automation platform.

Our Process

Cross-channel marketing succeeds with an educated and skilled team to execute it.

Strategic Partnership

We help brands drive sales and increase reach by connecting them to local channel partners through brand-compliant communication, collateral, advertising, and programs. Partnering with your current marketing team, we work to repurpose your successes, uncover your pain points, strategize, analyze and implement platforms and/or processes to address those issues and achieve your business goals.

Integrated Solutions

With the robust number of functionalities of our platform, determining the proper solution for your industry is where our team excels. Ready to work with you, our team will collaborate with you to create a plan that meets your budget and timing goals. We offer support for you, your stakeholders, and your customers as we launch your platform and continue to focus on improving the experience as our relationship and business grow.


We work with your team to uncover the needs and pain points within your current processes and platforms and develop a strategic approach for your solution. We evaluate which tools, workflows and services will help your business thrive across your channels.

Strategy & Planning

Our team formulates a detailed engagement plan, including a phased timeline, along with key requirements and milestones. We actively engage with you & your team to ask and answer outstanding questions as well as address any concerns.


As we develop your platform/solution, we connect with your important stakeholders to source and develop content, processes, and workflow. We recommend beta testing to finalize consistent, effective messaging and processes.

Tracking & Improvement

Through our platform, people and processes, we identify, collect, manage, analyze and report on critical data—enabling you to focus on decision-making and growing your business. We use this data and our expertise to continually improve our offering and support.