Marketing Automation Platform

The one-stop shop channel marketing ecosystem for your partners to find everything they need to sell and promote your products

SHIFT has been in business for over 50 years equipping brands with solutions across the marketing and sales ecosystem.

Our understanding of channel marketing enables us to seamlessly manage and integrate the flow of communications—aligning them from the enterprise level, down to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. The Marketing Automation Platform ensures brand integrity across every asset, co-op program or campaign to ultimately help sell more product.

Marketing automation platform

SHIFT Marketing Automation Platform

Our marketing automation platform operates as an all-inclusive service for your channel marketing ecosystem. Your partners can easily find and access everything they need to create compliant, co-branded promotions, marketing materials and product collateral.

The platform can also provide support for partners’ development as well as offer incentives that will improve performance, behavior, and loyalty. By providing access to well-organized & brand-compliant content, programs and materials, the platform enables channel partners to drive customer preference for your brand over the competition.

Key Features

Offer orderable items for your employees and/or channel partners with enhanced e-commerce, which also allows you to leverage other key features like marketing programs and services.

Highlights Include

  • Modern e-commerce UI/UX
  • Integrations with  vendors via API or other integrations
  • Discount codes and couponing
  • Ability to provide dealer locations with store credit
  • Credit card processing
  • Integrations to other incentive and sales budget programs (i.e. Co-Op, BDF, Region Funds)
  • Product examples include:
    • Promotional Items
    • Apparel
    • Printed sales materials & documentation
    • Showroom & display materials
    • And more

Platform hosts compliant materials such as logos, brand guidelines and pre-made advertisements that can be secured for access based on user groups such as corporate employees or retailer partners.

Highlights Include

  • Offers sitemap and menu bar strategy and implementation to optimize user engagement
  • Hosts key files for employees and retail partners to access
    • Brand guidelines, logos, presentations, sell sheets, brochures, etc.
    • Pre-made advertisements, including scripts, taggable spots, social media assets, banner ads, etc.
  • Segments and secures access based on user or defined groups
  • Users can preview, download, and add assets to an email list to share with those outside of the platform
  • Notifies users when new content is available
  • Supports all file types including video

Our Ad Builder tool allows channel partners to customize pre-defined portions of brand-compliant advertising and product collateral templates, with an option to send for approval by a brand team. This tool simplifies brand compliance, eliminates inconsistencies, and improves time to market.

Highlights Include

  • Brand assets transformed into customizable brand-compliant dynamic templates
  • Pre-defined customizable portions of the template can be pre-populated where possible
    • Store name, address, phone number, product photos, and social media information
  • Dynamic technology and custom ad / product collateral modules make it simple to change content or sizing
  • Easy, cost-effective brand-compliant messages to get to the local markets
  • Approval workflows allow internal stakeholders to review ads/collateral before partners download and push to production
  • Integrated mailing workflows for uploading or building mailing lists, as well as de-dupe, validate, and personalize

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Channel partners can enroll in marketing programs and/or purchase digital marketing campaigns that generate measurable traffic, leads, and sales in local markets.

Highlights Include

  • Experts in digital marketing create campaigns to target customers and generate more traffic, leads, and sales in local markets
  • Increased speed to market with traditional media building presence in local communities in print, on air, around town, or in-store
  • Effective, scalable, and brand-compliant marketing campaigns that deliver on business objectives and drive impact
  • Programs built to align with Co-Op accruals, national/regional initiatives, and promotions to stimulate participation
  • End-to-end management from enrollment, execution, results, and review
  • Eliminate complicated vendor management and review, leverage expertise, and gain visibility to ROI

Channel partners can purchase branded advertising campaigns and services directly on the site with Co-Op, BDF/MDF and other types of funds and can submit claims for other approved vendors online. This provides visibility and accountability for fund spending.

Highlights Include

  • Support of Co-Op funding, accruals, BDF/MDF, Region/Promo budgets, programs with configurable rules and other types of funding
  • Technology enables participation in brand-subsidized advertising that is as simple as shopping online
  • Allows a percentage or preset amount of Co-Op/BDF or other funds to specific marketing campaigns, tactics, or programs
  • Funds instantly applied at checkout
  • Eliminate the need for additional claims processes. Reduce fraud to zero.
  • Partners can pay a portion of local marketing costs as required
  • Can allow for traditional claims-based system with review, audit, approvals, and payment
  • Programs built to align with Co-Op accruals, national/regional initiatives, and promotions to stimulate participation

incentive program

End-to-end management of B2B and B2B2C channel incentives that simplify complex programs via one central system.


Highlights Include

  • SPIFFs
  • Consumer Rebate Programs
  • Co-Op / MDF Programs
  • Volume Incentive Programs
  • Instant Rebate Programs
  • Claims Processing
  • Payment Solutions

sales dashboardVisually display data that provides insight and motivation to exceed sales and performance goals.


Highlights Include

  • Platform can ingest any data set including, unit sales, program standing, local market data, MSRP
  • Data is displayed based on access logic, for example:
    • Dealers only their results by their location, program participation, etc.
    • Sales representatives can view their customers’ dashboards by entering account ID

Gain insight into the activities and behaviors of your channel partners and employees, which allows you to invest your marketing and funding dollars effectively.

Highlights Include

  • Gain the insight needed to make data-driven decisions and drive better results through partner networks
  • Track performance metrics on every tactic, campaign, and marketing program within their partner network
  • Compare ROI on different types of media, including digital and traditional.
  • Get timely, relevant data that allows a response to changing marketing conditions
  • Track partner performance for an individual partner or by group, based on custom roll-ups
  • Access reporting that includes marketing platform utilization reports, e-commerce, fund use, incentive programs, and any other integrated key features of the platform as used by the specific customer

Additional Services

Platform Services

  • Enhancements & Maintenance
  • User Lists, Access & Permissions
  • E-Commerce Product Management
  • Vendor Connectivity
  • API / EDI Integrations
  • SAP Integrations
  • Robust Reporting
  • Solutions Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Management
  • Surveys
  • Dealer & Vendor Communications
  • Help Desk and Toll-Free Support Line

Business Services

  • Dealer Support Strategy
  • Internal Support Strategy
  • Decks & Presentations
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Dealer Billing
  • Dealer Credits
  • Interdepartmental Billing
  • Vendor Management & Initiatives
  • Dealer Vendor List Management
  • Exclusive Promotion Support

Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of disciplines including account and content managers, support, data analysts, designers, strategists, engineers, technologists, developers, and media teams. With years of experience in the industry, our team members bring unique perspectives and a deeper understanding of the latest technologies and trends. When you utilize our platform, you have a team of trusted individuals who work alongside you.