Enterprise Solutions

Protect and amplify your brand across the channel ecosystem with SHIFT’s marketing, sales and communication solutions. Our suite of enterprise offerings are designed to optimize communication, align incentives and drive sales at the local level.

Enterprise Marketing Solutions

Implement your strategies, marketing communications, and management processes through our marketing platform. Provide your employees, partners, and retailers the tools they need to move their business forward 24/7.

Marketing Automation Platform

To support brands and distributors, we host an online platform designed to help their channel partners and customers access brand-approved assets, product information, promotion calendars, logos, as well as purchase promotional items and product collateral. This platform also serves as a valuable resource to educate and inform the sales force.

Funds Management

Streamlining the Co-Op, MDF, and BDF programs on the SHIFT platform ensures timely and accurate management of funds for distribution channels. By outsourcing this process, local teams can better produce brand-compliant advertising and increase customer engagement. The platform allows partners to seamlessly utilize their Co-Op or marketing funds to cover or subsidize the cost of local marketing campaigns.

Sales Incentive Enablement Solutions

SHIFT’s sales incentive enablement solutions simplify data collection and enhance downstream processes, making it easier for clients to track sales, reward performance and support marketing efforts. Our solutions suite can be customized to your program and needs, whether it be commissions, incentives or promotions. 

Dynamic Publishing

Our Dynamic Publishing Engine utilizes data-driven templates to create thousands of brand-compliant outputs on the fly including PowerPoint presentations, product brochures, spec sheets, in-store display inserts, in-store digital display content, charts, etc. This tool saves clients significant time and money while reducing errors as compared to conventional desktop methods. 

Campaign Management & Execution

Partners can leverage the platform to seamlessly select from a range of traditional and digital turn-key media packages. SHIFT manages every aspect of the campaign from onboarding to reporting to help partners successfully launch local marketing campaigns. One-on-one consultations are also available for personalized guidance and custom recommendations.

Incentive Program Management

SHIFT’s platform allows partners to get incentive programs into the market quickly, providing end-to-end delivery for channel teams — from incentive program design to payment process and fulfillment. Leverage our industry-leading expertise in incentive programs—consisting of rebate offerings, volume bonuses, commissions, points, and loyalty programs—to help drive your desired behavior and outcomes.

Extend your reach and engage more customers through one-on-one strategic planning for your marketing collateral. From creative campaigns to dynamic publishing tools, our robust solutions go beyond traditional advertising.

marketing communications and marketing solutions

Provide your partners with all the marketing power they need to achieve overall goals. We offer a wide array of offerings to support your partners and ensure brand integrity including, creative services, marketing portals, and live support for partner staff.