Sales Incentive Enablement

Get the most out of your dealer and consumer incentive programs with SHIFT’s data-driven solutions

The Challenge of Channel Data Collection

Gathering data from dealers can be challenging for manufacturers – whether it’s units purchased through a distributor or instant rebates claimed by consumers at the point of sale.

Our data-driven solutions bridge the channel ecosystem connecting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, enabling clients to get the most out of dealer and consumer incentive programs.

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Program Enablement Solutions

SHIFT’s sales incentive enablement solutions simplify data collection and enhance downstream processes, making it easier for clients to track sales, reward performance and support marketing efforts. Our solutions suite can be customized to your program and needs, whether it be commissions, incentives or promotions. 

Solutions Can Include: 

  • Online Platform
  • Data collection (units sold, rebates claimed, etc.)
  • Calculations (commissions, marketing funds, reimbursements)
  • Upload of data to client FTP or integration into dealer marketing website
  • Payment processing (on-invoice or direct deposit)
  • Reporting
  • Dealer support, including variable email communication with statements


Commission Program Enablement

Companies who use a distributor channel can struggle to motivate indirect dealers to sell all or priority products. SHIFT solutions can:

  • Collect sell-out data from indirect dealers
  • Calculate commissions based on client rules and parameters
  • Pay indirect dealers via ACH or other approved transaction methods
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Incentive Program Enablement

Efficiently motivating channel partners with co-op, marketing and other funding programs start with gathering accurate data. Our solutions:

  • Collect sell-out data from eligible channel partners
  • Calculate co-op or marketing funds
  • Provide data or integrate directly into marketing platform
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Promotion Enablement

Consumers are more likely to purchase products with an instant rebate at the point of sale versus a mail-in rebate. Driving those sales through independent dealers can be a challenge, specifically when it comes to reimbursing them for the rewards. SHIFT solutions can:

  • Collect instant rebate claims from dealers
  • Calculate reimbursement for qualified transactions
  • Pay via direct deposit or on-invoice credits
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