Co-Op Management

Accelerate your channel marketing strategy through collaboration with SHIFT 

Co-Op Management Platform

When Co-Op management funds, BDF, and MDF programs are fully utilized, you can maximize sales through your local channel partners. SHIFT optimizes your processes and customizes them to your channel partners to help them drive local traffic and transactions.

Increase Channel Partner Participation

Incentivize your channel partners with subsidized and relevant marketing solutions to increase program participation and speed-to-market. Simplifying enrollment processes ensures consistent program adoption and deployment of brand-compliant and effective marketing campaigns. Local channel partners can select from standardized offerings or create personalized budgets, marketing materials, and advertising campaigns to generate leads and ensure funds are maximized.

Gain Insights at the Local Level

Armed with analytics, your team and its channel partners can take a data-driven approach to understand what is and is not working to further refine and focus on co-op fund usage. Near real-time insights, analytics, and reports provide marketers with the information to understand partner activity, spending, and success, revealing market opportunities to capitalize on and areas to fine-tune. Utilize their Co-Op or marketing funds to cover or subsidize the cost of local marketing campaigns.

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Optimize Existing Programs or
Build from Scratch

Whether you have a Co-Op program in place today needing optimization or need to develop one from the ground up, our team’s expertise and platform’s flexibility can deliver the right solution for your team and channel partners. Leveraging SHIFT as your Co-Op program provider ensures effective use of Co-Op dollars, driving business value and measurable results. Increased automation and simplification of claims processes can also free up internal resources, allowing for less time and resources spent on administrative work.

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