Dynamic Publishing Case Study

Dynamic Publishing


A major tire manufacturer needed to update retailer- and consumer-facing product collateral on an ongoing, regular basis. Frustrated with content inaccuracies and the time required to manage the process via desktop publishing, our client took advantage of SHIFT’s Dynamic Publishing platform to save over $490,000 per quarter.



Before the implementation of SHIFT’s Dynamic Publishing platform, the design file for each piece of product collateral– brochure, sell sheet, presentation–had to be opened individually by a designer, updated and saved for proofing. If there was a revision, the process had to be repeated for each item.



To help the client save significant time and cost, SHIFT implemented the Dynamic Publishing Solution:

  1. Design. We took existing desktop file designs for each piece of product collateral and created a template that was designed to automatically populate content according to an set of rules.
  2. Content. SHIFT pulled together product content from multiple databases that our client owned – such as product specifications data and marketing features data – and funneled them into a single depository.
  3. Outputs. Based on the templates and the content repository, outputs were generated for review and proofing.  If a template or piece of data needed to be updated, it was updated once and the changes automatically flowed through to all the appropriate outputs. In one quarterly update, we created 28 product collateral templates for 3 languages and generated 2,300 product collateral files for print and digital publishing.



  • Cost per output declined by 70%
  • Estimated savings for each quarterly product collateral update is over $490,000
  • The number of updated outputs increase year-over-year by over 200%
  • The frequency of updates was able to increase to quarterly, leading to more accurate information for consumers and retailers



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